Hello! you vs. yr is the portfolio of Thomas R. Brierly, an interdisciplinary practitioner of video, motion graphics, photography, and print design.


Good design involves creating connections whether it is visuals on a page or animation on a screen, a story is formed. This narrative needs to exist to have a lasting impression. I like to create those meaningful connections.

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Critical writing or just critiquing

I've written many an article and blurb for this neighborhood bi-weekly—specifically for their arts quarterly, Pacific Reader. Here's a few that they posted in the International Examiner's archive.

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Descriptive Guidance

You can't expect a vendor, freelancer, or collegue to know what you're thinking unless you communicate those expectations. The need for concise directives is an imperative in our modern-networked world. I've created a template that I've often used to convey directions, guidelines, and best practices.

This composite document, InDesign Job Set Up is one example in communicating compositing information to what was a new program at the the time, Adobe InDesign for third-party vendors.

Download this sample.
(This is a secure PDF file to prevent printing and content replication and has no interactive component, therefore safe for download.)


Gallery Mounting Floorplan

Visuals can be the best aid in communicating directives when you can't be on location. The instruction needed for someone to mount artwork needs to be clear, your documentation should use every advantage possible so your team member can correctly get the job right.

This Gallery Mounting Floorplan is an example from Specialty's Café and Bakery for mounting framed artwork in the café dining areas.

Download this sample.
(This is a secure PDF file to prevent printing and content replication and has no interactive component, therefore safe for download.)

Curriculum vitae

The Goods

My current curriculum vitae in a downloadable PDF file.


Hello, again. We can make another connection.

Email me: hello@you-vs-yr.com

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The Back End

The current web standards and the direction of WHAT WG efforts are employed on you vs. yr for the efficiency and effectiveness of the information and artwork presented. The site is coded in XHTML 1.0 (with edits towards HTML 5), with a layout and presentation done mostly in CSS and some Javascript sprinkled in. This provides a great deal of increased accessibility and compatibility across modern browsers and mobile devices utilizing webkit and WC3 web standards.



For the best possible experience, use Safari or Chrome. I would avoid using a Gecko-based browser, such as Firefox, which I did not fully code the site for, but it would do fine in most cases. As for Internet Explorer, definitely use version 9. Much better experience for you.


The Tools

This site is created exclusively on Apple computers. XHTML, CSS, Javascript are employed, while the site is coded using TextWrangler. The graphic work is done in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, while the video pieces were done in Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, and various open source software.



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